Utah's Environments

It's not all the same!

No mater where you travel in this great state, you find there are many environmental differences. East to west, north to south, things are not always the same.

So why are parts of Utah different from other parts of the state? Do different parts of the state have different plants and animals?

Let's take off for a visit to the different parts of Utah and see the differences.

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Describing Utah's Biomes

Let Me Tell You a Story!

Utah's Hot Desert

Save Me!

Utah's Cold Desert

Classifying Objects

Utah's Grasslands The Scheme of Things
Utah's Deciduous Forest Birds of Utah
Utah's Riparian Areas Mammals of Utah
Utah's Coniferous Forest Fish of Utah
Utah's Alpine Biome Amphibians and Reptiles
Where in Utah am I? Classifying Insects and Spiders
Do You Know What I Know? Create Your Own Bug
Build It Yourself Videos & Websites
The Biome Project Wild Words
Change is Good  

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