The Biome Project


Our virtual trip has taken us to some very interesting places in Utah and throughout the world. Which area or biome was your favorite? Maybe you like the snakes and scorpions of the desert. Perhaps you like the tall pines of the coniferous forest. No matter which biome is your favorite, it is important to know that we need to protect these special places. How can you protect the uniqueness of each of these areas? For more information and ideas about biomes check out the following options for your Biome Project!

  1. The monthly temperature and rainfall averages of an area can be plotted on a graph to determine the type of biome an area is. Use the Internet or call a local television station to get information about precipitation and temperature in your area. Use this information to make a "climatogram".
  2. Create an original plant and animal that could live in the biome of your choice. You may make a drawing of your species, or you may make a model out of clay etc.
  3. Choose an animal or plant in your biome that you would like to pretend to be. Write an autobiography telling your life history from birth (or germination) to death. Describe your interactions with your environment and tell about your daily activities.
  4. Make a poster advertising a biome for sale.
  5. Gather and compile a leaf book or make a book of leaf rubbings. Identify the species you find.
  6. Make an "ABC's of biomes book.


In our travels we often called different areas of Utah biomes. You should understand that most of the areas you learned about have features of more than one biome. Also remember that man has had a great effect on the biome areas of the state. Many of the trees, flowers, and crops that grow throughout much of the state could not survive without the extra water that we provide.


We've seen all the great sights
From the East to the West
You probably know by now
Our state is the best!

We saw life in the desert
both cold and hot
Life still flourished, even snakes
Whether you like them or not!

In the forest we saw porcupine and fox
And don't forget about the red tailed hawk
There were trees of course; fir and spruce,
The land was covered with a lot of rock.

In the riparian biome where we went
We saw beaver, fish and frogs a swimming
When we visited this water wonderland
We even went out and did some fishing .

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