Classifying Insects and Spiders

Have you ever wondered why we have so many insects and spiders? If they "bug" you to the point that you want to destroy them, maybe you should know a few things.

Insects and spiders are alike in some ways. They are small,cold-blooded animals and they don't have backbones. One way they are different than other animals is the number of legs they have. Complete the activity below to find out how many legs both insects and spiders have.


Look at these pictures carefully and count the legs of the both grasshopper and the spider.



Did you count six legs on the grasshopper? That's right! Notice other parts of insects that are the same or different than the spider below:

Spiders have eight legs. They also make webs to catch their dinner.

Before you destroy the next insect you see, remember that they may do some good. A grasshopper may be a meal for a bird and a spider could catch that pesky fly that is bugging you!

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