This quiz is based on which organisms contain DNA in their cells. Determine which of the following 30 photographs is of an organism that contains DNA. Clicking on the answer allows you to check your answers. Good luck!
bearimahe DNA / No DNA caterpillarimage DNA / No DNA
grassimage DNA / No DNA mushroomimageDNA / No DNA
cricketimage DNA / No DNA hummingbirdimageDNA / No DNA
toeimage DNA / No DNA grasshopperimage DNA / No DNA
cloudimage DNA / No DNA appleimage DNA / No DNA
blackwidowimage DNA / No DNA rocksimage DNA / No DNA
daffodilimage DNA / No DNA spriteimage DNA / No DNA
mouseimageDNA / No DNA eagleimage DNA / No DNA
antimage DNA / No DNA lillypadimageDNA / No DNA
treeimageDNA / No DNA starfishimage DNA / No DNA
leavesimage DNA / No DNA butterflyimage DNA / No DNA
jellyfishimageDNA / No DNA crabimageDNA / No DNA
juniperimage DNA / No DNA crystalimage DNA / No DNA
irisimage DNA / No DNA cougarimageDNA / No DNA
rollypollyimage DNA / No DNA yellowbelliedmarmotimage DNA / No DNA

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