This table shows the uses of some common minerals:

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Baby powder, soapstone, gymnastics to grasp bars
Gypsum Wall board, Plaster of paris
Bauxite Aluminum foil, Airplane parts/ aluminum
Copper Tubing, electrical wires, sculptures
Borax Antiseptic soaps/welding flux or cleaner-found in dry lake beds
Sulfur Fungicides, kills bacteria, vulcanizes rubber, in coal and fuels
Muscovite (Mica) White, gray material in electrical insulators
Halite Salt
Calcite Hard water deposit/part of limestone rock of ancient sea beds/forming along shores of the Great Salt Lake
Limonite /Taconite Source of Iron / around Cedar City
Feldspar Ceramics and porcelain, colors in granites (not black)
Quartz (massive type)
Quartz crystal
Glass manufacturing/Radios/computers /electronic equipment
Diamond Cutting tools/ blades/ saws

The following are links to photographs of other minerals.

Aragonite Barite Chert Graphite Hematite Magnetite Malachite Pyrite Selenite Tourmaline (in apatite)


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