Typically, classification is considered to be the placing of similar objects into similar groups. Are there people you call your friends and others you can't stand? You have grouped these people based on something you personally determined. Classification is a part of the science of taxonomy. Taxonomy is the science of grouping or organizing things. Throughout this section of Sci-ber Text, you will learn how the classification developed and how things are classified today.


1 Grouping

9 Introducting the Five Kingdoms

2 Classifying Matter

10 Examples of the Five Kingdoms

3 Characteristics of Living Things

11 Comparing the Five Kingdoms

4 Mystery Movie

12 Comparing the Five Kingdoms Activity

5 Living vs. non-living quiz

13 Using a Taxonomic Key

6 One of these things is not like the other!


7 Mineral Classification


8 The History of Classification Mineral Uses


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