cell wall plant, not animal *outer layer
*rigid, strong, stiff
*made of cellulose
*support (grow tall)
*allows H2O, O2, CO2 to pass into and out of cell
cell membrane both plant/animal *plant - inside cell wall
*animal - outer layer; cholesterol
*selectively permeable
*controls movement of materials in/out of cell
*barrier between cell and its environment
*maintains homeostasis
nucleus both plant/animal *large, oval *controls cell activities
nuclear membrane both plant/animal *surrounds nucleus
*selectively permeable
*Controls movement of materials in/out of nucleus
cytoplasm both plant/animal *clear, thick, jellylike material and organelles found inside cell membrane *supports /protects cell organelles
reticulum (E.R.)
both plant/animal *network of tubes or membranes *carries materials through cell
ribosome both plant/animal *small bodies free or attached to E.R. *produces proteins
mitochondrion both plant/animal *bean-shaped with inner membranes *breaks down sugar molecules into energy
vacuole plant - few/large
animal - small
*fluid-filled sacs *store food, water, waste (plants need to store large amounts of food)
lysosome plant - uncommon
animal - common
*small, round, with a membrane *breaks down larger food molecules into smaller molecules
*digests old cell parts
chloroplast plant, not animal *green, oval usually containing chlorophyll (green pigment) *uses energy from sun to make food for the plant (photosynthesis)


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