"Look at the wee-beasties" is a phrase attributed to Anton vanLeeuenhoek. No matter what your interest is, most of us enjoy finding things through a microscope! Cells can only be discovered by looking through microscopes. Join us now and explore this hidden world.

1. I saw it first! 12. Cell Transport
2. Cell Theory Timeline Activity 13. Levels of Organization
3. Is it Plant or is it Animal? 14. I'm Bigger than you are!
4. X Marks the Spot 15. Bag as a Cell
5. Wee Beasties  
6. Ya, and Now What Do I do? ENRICHMENT
7. Cell Organelle Table 1. Microscope Observation Hints
8. Review of Cell Parts 2. What do you want me to do?
9. Cell Part Quiz 3. Microscope Parts
10. Egg as a Cell 4. Dont' Drop it!
11. Honey I shrunk the carrots! 5. Don't know much about History!

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