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How Do You Fix A Drought?

Utah is a desert where water is a limited resource. The state has developed water-use plans for the entire state. These plans include all major drainage areas. If plans are not made early enough, and water reservoirs decrease, people, plants and animals suffer.

One of the main sources of information regarding the water resource plans is the Utah Division Of Water Resources. Other sources of information include your local city or county government centers. Each of these government offices is responsible for maintaining water-use plans as well as water quality and conservation plans.



Using the sources provided, analyze how your community designed its long-term water-use plan, including dealing with water shortages, water distribution and maintaining water quality.

In doing your research, you may use the Internet, find local printed materials or interview local officials.  The following questions may help you in your research:

  • What is the plan when there are water shortages?
  • What are the local sources for water?
  • How is the water distributed?
  • What is the water quality?
  • What are the future plans for water use?
  • What are the plans to supply water for future growth?
  • What types of conservation efforts are planned?


Produce a news article about what you have learned. This article may be for a newspaper, a radio broadcast or a television newscast. Make sure to provide both your questions and the answers to each. You should also give credit to those who provided you information to prepare your report.



  1. Is your community prepared with a long-term water use plan?
  2. How will your community deal with possible water shortages?
  3. What plans are in place for distribution of water in the community?
    • Are plans prepared which will provide water for new growth in your community?
  4. How prepared is the community to provide quality water for its residents?


Water Conservation Information

Find three people with whom you can work. As a group, you will be in charge of creating a water use policy for your community. The policy will consist of four sections:

  1. Kitchen and bathroom regulations
  2. Other in-home regulations
  3. Outdoor regulations
  4. Work place and community regulations

Each person in your group will research the information links under their chosen topic from the website above. Take the information into account as you write your section of the policy. When all sections are complete, determine how best to present your findings.

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