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Keeping Water Safe To Drink

In Utah the most reliable and current information on the quality of our water is provided by the



From the Utah Division of Water Quality web site, the library, or a local government office, you need to obtain specific information about your local water sources. Your goal is to locate details about your local water system. Determine the quality of your water source. You should also find out the amount of water that is available from this source for your community.



Now share the data you have learned with family, friends, teachers, the community and others. Produce a poster presentation, written essay, multimedia presentation or video to share your point of view. Make sure you indicate how the quality and quantity of water available to your local area compares with other locations in Utah. Be specific in giving details, including information about pollution, chemicals or biotic factors.



Now that you have examined your local water source, what could be done to improve the quality of the water available to the community? Who should be in charge of getting it done? What can you do to begin the process?


Check this out!

Visit the US Geological Survey and find out about water usage in the United States.





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