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Earth is a water planet. More than 75 percent of Earth's surface is covered with water. Powered by the sun and geothermal energy, Earth's water cycles from one source to another. Our human culture is centered on the use of water sources.

Earth's water resources are divided into various storage areas called reservoirs. The water reservoir table below indicates the fraction of Earth's water that is found in each of these reservoirs.

Oceans 97% 97/100
Icecaps/Glaciers 2% 2/100
Groundwater .7% .7/100 or 7/1000
Atmosphere .3% .3/100 or 3/1000
Freshwater lakes .01% .01/100 or 1/10,000
Saline lakes and inland seas .01% .01/100 or 1/10,000
Rivers .001% .001/100 or 1/100,000

Try It!

Use the data from the water reservoir table above to create and label a pie chart with the proper reservoir names.

You may wish to view sample of what this pie chart should look like.



Utah is the second driest state in the United States. It receives an average of 13 inches of precipitation each year. Utah's use and conservation of these water sources has had and will have a major influence on Utah's growth and development. The Utah Division Of Water Resources has several excellent Internet sources available. Use these sources to determine and explain the locations of Utah's water reservoirs and how Utah's water can be conserved.

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