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What Makes Earth So Special?

Have you ever stood and looked up at the night sky? When you saw the stars, and perhaps planets as well, did you wonder..."could I live there?" As you explore this section of Earth Systems Science Sci-ber Text, you should identify the requirements for life on Earth.

In determining what it takes for living things to survive, you will compare the various environments where life is found on Earth. You will also identify the factors that cause a species to become extinct. As a result of this unit of study, you should be prepared to make decisions about how the environment should be treated.

How's The Air Out There? Ecosystems At Risk
Let Me Take You There!!! The Ecosystem Experiment!
Are We Alone? Comparing Biological Diversity
Abiotic Factors ... "Say, What Are They?" Earth's Biomes
It's Alive! To Live or Die? ... That Is the Question.
Changing Ecosystems Extinction
Ecosystem Energy Biodiversity: What Do You think?
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