Safe Operating Procedures Sheet

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You may print this page and use it as a lab safety sheet for your science lab.

A science laboratory can be a safe place to work if you, the student, plan ahead and are alert and cautious. The following practices will be followed.

1. Read lab procedures before starting the lab.

2. Do not start the lab without your teacher's permission.

3. Only the teacher is allowed in the store room or preparation area.

4. Know the locations of the fire extinguishers, eye wash and shower stations, and fire alarm box.

5. Wear goggles whenever chemicals, glassware or heat are used in the laboratory.

6. Do not carry hot equipment or dangerous chemicals.

7. Pull back long hair and remove jewelery while in the laboratory. Long sleeves should also be rolled up.

8. Handle all animals with caution and be careful not to harm them in any way.

9. Handle chemical bottles with extreme care.

10. Be careful when using any sharp instruments such as razor blades or scalpels.

11. Keep hands away from the face and wash them immediately after the lab activity is completed.

12. Do not look directly into glassware that is being heated.

13. Notify your teacher when you suspect a dangerous lab situation (such as injury, broken glassware, or spilled chemicals.)

14. Unplug the electrical plug from its socket by pulling on the plug, not the electrical cord.

15. Clean up your work area at the end of each laboratory activity.

16. Return all materials to the location indicated by your teacher.

17. Dispose of chemicals as instructed by your teacher.

18. Dispose of all garbage properly.

19. When working with chemicals, students who wear contacts should be wear unvented goggles.

20. Do not touch lab equipment until instructed to do so.

21. Chairs should be stacked at the side of the room while doing the lab activity.

22. Do not chew gum or eat during a lab activity.

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