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Changing Matter

Matter is everywhere. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space. Matter regularly experiences both chemical and physical changes. When chemicals react, the results may be small, large, or even very dramatic.

Chemical change is a primary way that matter on Earth changes from one form to another. Energy is involved in chemical and physical change. When chemical or physical changes occur, the total amount of matter and energy remains the same; this is the law of conservation of matter and energy. Matter can change state in a physical change. Chemical changes occur when atoms are recombined into a new substance. Evidence of a chemical reaction may include color change, gas being given off, and heat or light being given off or absorbed. Changing the amount of energy in a chemical system alters the reaction rate. Changing the surface area and/or concentration of reactants changes the rate of chemical reaction.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other!

Measuring Phase Changes

Sort It Out!

Brrrr ... It Is Cold!

Candle Wax

Makin' Ice Cream

Causes of Phase Change

Before and After

Chemical Changes

Common Reactions

Help Me, I'm Oxidizing or Rusting!

Conserving Mass

Getting Warmer

My Stomach Hurts!

Kinds of Energy

You Be The Engineer!

Moving Molecules  

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