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Rocks & Minerals

Kaboom! On on beautiful clear morning, Sunday May 18, 1980, at 8:32AM, the quiet still air was shattered by an explosion 300 times the magnitude of the atom bomb dropped over Hiroshima, Japan. Mount Saint Helens in Southwestern Washington erupted, exploding hundreds of feet off the pristene snow-capped summit. What caused this destruction? Changes in the Earth.


Our Earth is a dynamic planet. Processes that change Earth's surface operated in the past much as they do today. Evidence of past surface and climatic changes are indicated in the rock and fossil records. Rocks are composed of minerals. Rocks and minerals cycle through processes that change their form. Earth's surface is changed by heat flowing from Earth's hot interior toward the cooler surface and by atmospheric processes. Earth's surface can abruptly change through volcanoes and earthquakes, or gradually through mountain building, weathering, erosion, and deposition. All changes eventually cause visible changes on the Earth's surface.


Rocks and Minerals

Relative Dating

What's My Story?

Move Over, I'm Coming Through!

Rock Types

Test Your Knowlege!

Were You There?

Change Is The Name Of The Game

Hide And Seek or ... Where Am I Now?

A Chip Off The Old Rock!

Rock and Roll

Weathering and Erosion

Transferring Energy

Gravity An Agent Of Erosion.

Make Your Own Earthquake

Weathering and Soil Formation

Dams, Road Building And The Environment

You Don't Look a Day Over 2000 Years!

Need A Little Change?

The Laying of Sedimentary Rocks Over Time


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