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Biological Energy

"What's for dinner?" is often a phrase heard around hungry students. It's time to learn how energy in food and other fuel sources helps keep things moving on earth. In addition, you will experience how the energy is changed between various forms on earth!

Read on to learn that the sun is the main source for biological energy. Plants store captured light energy as sugars. Animals eat plants to obtain the energy they need. Energy from food is used by organisms.

Models are used to show the transfer of energy and matter among organisms. These models can be used to show relationships among organisms. Organisms, including humans, influence the ability of other organisms to live in a specific environment.


Growing Plants

The Rainforest and the Scientist

Feeding Yeast!

Hot or Cold

Oh Where, Oh Where Did The Energy Go?

What's in the News?

Food Chain Practice!

Here, Let Me Fix It!

The Food Web Mobile

Extinct or Not!

Don't Ask Me ... It's Your Experiment!


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