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It's time to go back in history. This activity will allow you to learn more about how people have learned about the structure of matter throughout history. To use the timeline below, click on a cartoon image to learn more about each individual's contribution to the discovery of the atom.



Use the following questions to help you research the scientists represented in the tour above.

1. What did they really look like?
2. What details about their experience with the atom and matter was not included in this tour?
3. Were there errors in the telling of their experience?
4. What else did you learn from your research?

Choose a format (poster board, multimedia, formal paper, etc.) to report what you have learned.

Review science safety rules here.

Get the plug-ins: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader , and Get Quicktime Player. (The Quicktime plug-in is needed to play sounds and movies correctly.)

Want to share photos of you or your friends doing this activity? Send it in an e-mail with the following information:

  1. The title of the activity
  2. The URL (Internet address)
  3. Your name.

Remember that no pictures can be used that show student faces or student names on it. 

Teachers should view the Teacher Site Map to relate Sci-ber text and the USOE 7th grade science core.

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