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Have you ever noticed that some of your traits are shared with one parent while other traits may be shared with the other? You are a unique combination of the genetic material that you inherited from your parents. The genetic material that you get will determine your structural traits.

You will now have a chance to look at traits in people. The goal of this activity is to survey relatives. Relatives can include parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters, cousins, uncles, and aunts. You should also include two non-relatives to compare with your own family. You will also have a chance to compare your survey with other students.

If you are in a blended family or for another reason can't collect data on your biological relatives, you may still compare your traits with those you live with or use a friend's family for data.




  1. Why are some traits shared and some different?
  2. With which person do you share the most traits?
  3. With which person do you share the least traits?

Review science safety rules here.

Get the plug-ins: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader , and Get Quicktime Player. (The Quicktime plug-in is needed to play sounds and movies correctly.)

Want to share photos of you or your friends doing this activity? Send it in an e-mail with the following information:

  1. The title of the activity
  2. The URL (Internet address)
  3. Your name.

Remember that no pictures can be used that show student faces or student names on it. 

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