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For a long time fungi, such as mushrooms, were classified in the plant kingdom. Eventually they were placed into their own kingdom (Kingdom Fungi). List some reasons they are similar to plants. Then list some reasons they are different from plants.
  • Similarities - both fungi and plants are multi-cellular and have cell walls; neither move from place to place.
  • Differences - cells walls in each are made from different materials; plants make their own food (autotrophic), while fungi can't (heterotrophic).
Currently scientists debate the number of kingdoms that should be used in classifying living organisms. For this assignment you are to research the five kingdoms (monera, protist, fungi, plant, and animal.) You may use a library or the Internet. From the information you obtain, create a table listing the five kingdoms in the first column, a characteristic for each kingdom in the second column, and an example organism from each kingdom in the third column. A possible answer for this information is listed below:
Monera One cell; no nucleus


Protist One cell; nucleus

amoeba, diatom

Fungi Many cells; heterotrophic;
can't move from place to place


Plant Many cells; autotrophic; can't move from place to place

grass, corn, tree

Animal Many cells; heterotrophic; usually can move

spider, bear, bird, human

Which Kingdom do the following belong to?
      1. Alligator
      2. Bread mold
      3. Prickly pear
      4. Grasshopper
      5. Oak tree
      6. Scorpion
      7. Toad stool
      8. Paramecium
      9. Moose
      10. E. Coli bacteria
Highlight the box below to check your answer.
1-Animal, 2-Fungi, 3-Plant, 4-Animal, 5-Plant, 6-Animal,
7-Fungi, 8-Protist, 9-Animal, 10-Monera)

Review science safety rules here.

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