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"Look at the wee-beasties" is a phrase attributed to Anton van Leeuenhoek. No matter what your interest, most of us enjoy finding things through a microscope. Living things are made of smaller structures whose functions enable the organisms to survive. The basic unit of structure in all living things is the cell. Cells combine to form tissues that combine to form organs. While all cells have common structures, there are differences between plant and animal cells. Cell details are usually visible only through a microscope. Cells can only be discovered by looking through a microscope. Join us now and explore this hidden world.
Wee Beasties Levels of Organization
X Marks the Spot! I Know It and I'll Prove It!
Is It Plant ... Or Is It Animal? I'm Bigger Than You Are!
In and Out How Does a Leaf Work?
We All Deficate!  

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