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Asteroids Irregular pieces of rock moving through space in an area between the planets Mars and Jupiter.
Celestial object Any natural object found in space.


Comets Objects are made of ice, dust, and gases that orbit the sun and form a tail as it passes close to the sun.


Constellation Agroup of stars forming a fixed pattern in the sky.


Distance The measurement of the amount of space between objects.


Force A push or a pull.


Galaxy Many millions of stars grouped together in space.


Gravitational force The pull that gravity has on an object.


Gravity The power that attracts one object to another.


Light year - The distance light travels in one year; it is used to measure distances in space.


Mass - The amount of matter in an object.


Milky Way galaxy A group of billions of stars that is home to our solar system.


Planets Celestial objects that revolve around the sun and do not produce their own light.


Satellites A natural or human-built object which revolves around another object in space; such as the moon.


Scale A unit used to help understand size relationship.


Solar system The system made of 9 unique planets and other objects that all orbit the sun; the sun is also part of the solar system.


Speed of light How fast light travels which is 186,000 miles per second or 300,000 kilometers per second.


Star A large celestial object made up of gases that gives off light and heat.


Sun The star that is the center of our solar system.


Telescope An instrument that makes distant objects appear larger by making them look closer.


Universe EVERYTHING that is in space.


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