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What's Up There Anyway?


Imagine taking a field trip to the moon. Would you like to explore this round ball in the sky? While we can't actually take a trip to the moon, we can learn from the things we see from earth.


Enjoy your Sci-ber text moon exploration! If you find a word that you do not understand, please visit the "Science Language Students Should Know And Use" Web page.

Have fun!


Help Me, I Think I'm Changing!

Do You Go Where I Go?
It’s Just a Phase I'm Going Through! Ring Around Each Other

Revolution Rotation

Collecting data by moon watching

Now You See Me, Now You Don't!


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solar_system_image size_motion_distance_image microorganism_image Heat_light_and_sound_image

Get the plug-ins: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader , and Get Quicktime Player. (The QuickTime plug-in is needed to play sounds and movies correctly.)

Want to share photos of you or your friends doing this activity? Send it in an e-mail with the following information:

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Remember that no pictures can be used that show student faces or student names on it. 

Teachers should view the Teacher Site Map to relate Sci-ber text and the USOE 6th grade science core.

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