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Would you wear rubber gloves to play in the snow? Would you wear a down jacket on a summer day? Some materials allow heat to transfer easily and these are called conductors. Other materials do not allow heat to transfer and are known as insulators. For example, the insulation in the walls and attic of your home helps regulate the temperature. However, an iron will transfer heat to your clothes so the wrinkles come out!
Try It!
Determine whether each of the following is a conductor or an insulator.



Conductor or Insulator

Paper cup


Metal pan


Styrofoam cup


Plastic cup or bowl


Wooden cup or container


Glass cup

Highlight the box below to check your answers!
1) insulator, 2) conductor, 3) insulator, 4) insulator, 5) insulator, 6) conductor
Journal Entry - Take out your science journal and answer the following question(s) (use drawings as appropriate):
  1. What characteristics do materials have that are good conductors?
  2. Name three more objects that would be considered conductors.
  3. What characteristics do materials have that are insulators?
  4. Name three more items that would be considered insulators.


solar_system_image size_motion_distance_image microorganism_image Heat_light_and_sound_image

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