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Chemical Change - The process converting one substance into another substance that will have new properties.

Dissolve - The process of a solid substance breaking down while in a liquid substance.

Heat - An energy form which can be transferred between objects.

Liquid - The state of matter in which particles slide freely over one another. The water in the river is in a liquid state.

Matter - Something that has mass and takes up space.

Physical Change - A change in the structure of a substance. After the change, it keeps all of its properties.

Product - The substance that comes out of a chemical change.

Reactants - The substances that are used to make a chemical change.

Solid - The state of matter in which particles vibrate and do not appear to move. Ice is water in a solid state.

Substance - Any material that can be observed.

Weight - A measurement of how much Earth's gravity pulls on an object.


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