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Environment – The physical surroundings of an organism, the habitat.

Inherited – A trait passed on from the parent organism to offspring.

Instincts – Inborn behaviors.

Learned behavior – Learned (not inherited) from repeated reactions in the environment.

Life cycle – The series of events or phases an organism goes through from birth to death, or to the birth of the next generation.

Offspring – The progeny of the parent organism, the children.

Organism – Any living thing made of cells.

Parent organism – The parent of the offspring (usually a mom and dad).

Population – All of a species living in a given area.

Specialized Structure – Unique body or cell parts that help an organism survive (examples: snowshoe hare’s foot, leaves and petals on a plant, and stinger on a scorpion.)

Species – A group of the same organisms sharing common traits.

Survival – A species succeeds, or lives successfully in their environment; finding food, avoiding predators, and raising young.

Traits – Inherited characteristics that set a species apart from other species.

Variations – Slight differences among individuals of a species.


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