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The offspring of some organisms, or living things, look just like the parent organism. Their inherited traits make it easy to see what they will be when they grow up.


Draw your dream pet.

Think of a pet that you would like to have. Draw a picture of your dream pet.  Include detailed physical traits.

Now, draw a picture of what the parents of your pet must look like in order for your pet to have the traits you would like.  Remember offspring inherit traits from their parents.

What traits would you like your pet to have that you cannot see?  For example, should they have the ability to run fast or a calm personality?

Who's who? (the easy version!)

What will each animal baby become? What traits give you the clues? Click and drag the hidden boxes to check your answers.




(lion cub)


(wolf cub)


cow or bull


Get the plug-ins: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader , and Get Quicktime Player. (The QuickTime plug-in is needed to play sounds and movies correctly.)

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