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Attract - The act of trying to come together.  Opposite poles attract

Battery - A small device that stores energy in a chemical form.

Complete Circuit - All the connections including wires, a battery, and a device that uses energy such as a light bulb. In a complete circuit, these objects are all connected in a way that the device that uses energy is working.

Compass - An object with a small magnetic section that points toward the north pole of Earth.

Electromagnetism - Using electricity, wires, and an iron core to create a temporary magnet. It can be made as powerful as needed.

Conductor - A material that allows electricity to go through it.

Current - The flow of electricity through a conductor.

Incomplete Circuit - All the connections including wires, a battery, and a device that uses energy such as a light bulb. In an incomplete circuit, these objects are missing part of the necessary connection and the device that uses energy does not work.

Insulator - A material which does not allow electricity to go through it.

Load - A reference to the amount of devices in a circuit that use the electricity. A light bulb is a load, but it could also be a computer or microwave. More devices in the circuit increase the load.

Magnetic Field - The area around a magnet where you can detect the force of the magnet.

Magnetic Force - The strength of a magnetic field in a magnet.

Natural Magnet - An object which has a magnetic field around it. An example of a natural magnet is Magnetite.

Parrellel Circuit - When there are several paths for the current to follow.

Pathway - The area of a conductor through which a current is able to move.

Permanent Magnet - A man-made object with a magnetic field around it. It has parts that are usually labled as North and South. It will keep its magnetism for a long period of time.

Power Source - A battery or other device which provides energy for a circuit.

Properties - The characteristics of an object.

Repel - The pushing apart of magnets that occurs when two north ends (or two south ends) of two magnets are brought close to each other.

Series Circuit - When there is only one path for the electricity to follow.

Static Electricity - An electrical force which occurs as electrons are built up in an object.

Switch - The part of a circuit which can control whether electricity flows through the circuit or not.

Temporary Magnet - An object which has a magnetic field around it for a short period of time. An example of a temporary magnet is an electromagnet.

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