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Accuracy - Correct, careful and exact.

Air pressure - The weight of air in the atmosphere pressing down upon Earth.

Air temperature - Degree of heat or cold that the air measures.

Anemometer - Instrument used to measure wind speed.

Atmosphere - All the air surrounding the earth.

Barometer - Instrument for measuring air pressure.

Cirrus - High, wispy or feathery clouds.

Components - The parts of the whole (Example: wind is one component of weather.)

Cumulus - Big, puffy, white clouds.

Forecast - To predict (Example: Meterologists will forecast the weather for the next week.)

Hygrometer - Instrument used to measure relative humidity.

Meteorologist - A scientist who studies and forcasts weather.

Phenomenon - An occurrence you can observe.

Precipitation - Rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.

Rain guage - Instrument used to measure the amount of rain that falls.

Relative humidity - Amount of water vapor in the air compared to the amount of water the air could hold at that temperature.

Severe - Serious or intense (Example: a tornado is a severe type of storm.)

Stratus - A long, low, gray cloud that could be layered.

Thermometer - Instrument used to measure temperature.

Weather front - Meeting of two different types of air masses.

Wind speed - Measurement of the speed of moving air.

Wind vane - Instrument used to determine wind direction.

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