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The Water Supply

When was the last time you were really thirsty? Maybe it was sometime today. How would it feel if you couldn't get a drink?

There are places on earth where it is so dry that it hardly ever rains. When there isn't much precipitation, the community has to save the water in tanks or reservoirs to use later. So, people should conserve water. That means they shouldn't waste it.


Other places may have plenty of rain and snow, so they don't have to water their lawns, and there is always water for people to drink.

Often the town or community people live in is located near a source of water. This is because people need water for cooking, drinking, cleaning, etc. Animals also need water to survive.


Find a map of Utah.

Draw an outline of your county.

Fill in and label any water sources you have.

Don’t forget to include mountains. They are a source of water, since they collect it in the form of snow.

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