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The Heat Is On!

What do you think of when you hear the word temperature? Temperature is simply a measurement of heat. We use a thermometer to measure temperature.

Temperature affects substances – even you! You are pretty comfortable when the air is 70ºF, way too hot at 100ºF, and want a jacket when the temperature drops to 32 F.

Water is also affected by temperature. Check this out…

When it is very cold, water becomes solid.   When it is warm, water is a liquid.   When it is very hot, water becomes a vapor.
  1. Fill a cup with ice. Measure and record the temperature of the ice by pressing a thermometer against the side of the cube.
  2. Wait until the ice melts.
  3. Record the temperature of the water.
  4. With the help of an adult, put the cup in a microwave oven and microwave until you see bubbles rise. You just made steam!
  5. Record the temperature of the water.
  6. Tell how temperature affects the states of water.

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