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Bedrock - Layer of solid uniform rock found beneath the soil.

Erosion - Loosening, transporting, and relocation of soil particles from one place to another.

Freeze - To become covered in ice.

Igneous - Rocks formed by volcanic action or intense heat.

Loams - Soils with an ideal mixture of sand, silt, and clay which are considered to be the best type of soil for plants.

Metamorphic - Rocks that have changed form due to heat and pressure.

Mineral - Something found naturally in the earth; a rock or ore.

Nonliving - Things that are dead. The soil has nonliving pieces of plant material in it.

Nutrient - Something that provides food. The plant grew well because of the nutrient in the soil.

Organism - Any living thing.

Parent Material - Layer of small rocks that have started to break off from the bedrock and which will become the soil.

Profile - A side view or outline. We could see the different layers in the soil profile.

Sedimentary - Rocks formed from matter deposited by wind or water.

Structural support - The parts that hold something together.

Subsoil - Layer of soil found beneath the topsoil.

Thaw - To become warmer so that ice or snow melts.

Topsoil - Rich, dark layer of soil found at the surface.

Weathering - To become worn down by wind or water.


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