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Climate - The weather of an area. A desert is a dry climate.

Dinosaur - A group of large, extinct reptiles.

Environment - All of the conditions and surroundings. The fern grew in a warm, wet environment.

Extinct - No longer living. Dinosaurs are extinct.

Extinction - The process of dying out.


Fossil - The hardened remains of a plant or animal from long ago.

Impression - An imprint. Their foot made an impression in the wet soil.

Infer - To make a conclusion from what is known. we can infer that dinosaurs existed because of fossils.

Mineral - Rock or ore.

Organism - Any living thing.

Paleontologist - A person who studies fossil remains.

Prehistoric - Before recorded history. A stegosaurus was a prehistoric animal.

Preserved - Kept from rotting. The fossil was well preserved inside the rock.

Replacement - To take the place of. Minerals made a replacement of the bird's feathers in the fossil.

Sedimentary - Rock formed from material that settles.


Trilobite - A fossil sea animal.

Tropical - A warm, moist region. They went to a tropical island near the equator.

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