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Adaptation - To change or adjust to a new environment.

Alpine - Mountainous area at high elevations.


Amphibian - An animal that can live on land and in water. They are cold-blooded, vertebrate animals that lay eggs and have gills.


Bird - Warm-blooded vertebrate animal with wings and feathers. They are egg layers.

Coniferous - Trees or shrubs that have cones and needles. They are also called evergreens.
Deciduous - A type of tree that sheds its leaves each year.


Desert – Biomes that are dry with scarce plant and animal life. There are cold and hot deserts.


Fish – Cold-blooded animals that live in water and have backbones, gills for breathing, and fins.


Forest – Biomes that include both deciduous and coniferous trees that cover land areas.

Grassland - Large area of flat land that has a wide temperature range.

Hibernation - To spend the winter in a deep sleep.

Insect – Invertebrate animals with six legs and three body parts.

Invertebrate - Animals without backbones.


Mammal – A warm-blooded vertebrate with hair/fur that gives live births and breathes through lungs.

Migration - To move to another region because of climate. Birds migrate to warmer places in the winter.


Reptile - A cold-blooded vertebrate with lungs and scales.

Riparian – The biome around waterways.
Spider – Invertebrate animals with eight legs.

Vertebrate - Animals with backbones.

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