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Now that you have learned about the three major biomes of Utah (wetlands, forests, and deserts), your task will be to build a diorama (a three-dimensional model inside of a box) of any one one of them.


  • Box (shoe box is a good size)
  • Materials to represent parts of the enviroment (ie. trees, soil, plants, and animals)
    • Examples include:
      • Trees
      • Soil
      • Plants
      • Animals
    • To build this, you might use:
      • Clay
      • Plastic toys or figures
      • Drawings on paper
  • Tape or glue
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a small opening in one end of the box to view the diorama.
  2. Cut a small opening in the top to let light in.
  3. Start building the diorama inside the box. Make sure you build away from your small opening!
    • Put taller materials (trees, mountains, etc.) in the back.
    • Make sure you use tape or glue to hold things in place so they do not move.
    • Your goal is to make this look almost like a photograph.
  4. While building, peek through the opening to see how it looks. (Remember that your goal is to make it look similar to the real environment.)
  5. When you are satisfied with the look of your diorama, put the lid on the box and share it with your friends.

Download the plug-ins: Get Adobe Acrobat Reader , and Get Quicktime Player. (The QuickTime plug-in is needed to play sounds and movies correctly.)

Want to share photos of you or your friends doing this activity? Send it in an e-mail with the following information:

  1. The title of the activity
  2. The URL (Internet address)
  3. Your name.

Remember that no pictures can be used that show student faces or student names on it. 

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