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But I Don't Want More Heat!

You have seen that rubbing objects produce heat. The amount of heat generated can vary.
Rub two pieces of smooth wood together, then two pieces of rougher wood together. What do you notice? First, it is harder to rub the rough pieces. You have to apply more force. You probably noticed that the rougher pieces also generated more heat.
You can make it easier to rub things together, and generate less heat by adding a lubricant.
Try It!
  1. Rub your hands together really fast for 30 seconds. Feel the temperature.
  2. Put some lotion on your hands. Rub them together again, really fast, for thirty seconds.
  3. Did you notice?
    • It was much easier to rub them together.
    • They didn't get as warm.
Lubrication helps generate less heat.
Water slides use water to help you slide down easily. Cars use oil to lubricate their moving parts.
Let's review what you've learned. Look at each picture, then click the button telling if more or less heat will be produced.
Amount of heat produced


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