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Get Your Motor Running

The sun is not our only source of heat and light.
Many machines will make heat and sometimes light when they are running.
  • Electrical Machines - use electricity to run. Toasters, dishwashers, lamps, TVs, computers and anything that runs on batteries are electrical machines.
  • Mechanical Machines - use other energy sources to run. Some are people-powered like bicycles, scooters, brooms, and scissors. Others run off burning fuel like cars and motorcycles. Windmills run off wind power.
Look at the pictures below. They are all sources of heat because they get warm as they operate. The ones on the left are electrical heat sources. The ones on the right are mechanical heat sources.

Electrical Heat Sources

Mechanical Heat Sources



Look around your home or school. Find five machines that generate heat or light from electricity, and five that generate it mechanically, from movement.


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