You are learning to ride a bike. Where would be the safest place to learn?

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I'm Falling Down and I Can't Get Up!


In this section of Sci-ber Text you have learned about gravity. It is always working, pulling objects to Earth.

Test your gravity knowledge with these questions:

How does gravity help you on a playground?

When does gravity slow you down?

Movers help people get their furniture from one house to another. How can they get heavy items into a truck? Click the hint button if you need help. Click the answer button to see if you are correct.

Which is easier for a truck's engine.


You are learning to ride a bike. Is it safer to learn on a:


Think of and test some questions about gravity and forces. You may want to make a book of questions and answers. Here are some to get you started.

  • What falls faster, a big rock or a small one?
  • Why do feathers fall so slowly?
  • Why does rain sometimes seem to fall at an angle?
  • Why does my pencil always roll of that one table?
  • What tool can I hit the farthest with?
  • What kind of ball can I throw the farthest?
  • Why do golf balls have those little bumps?
Congratulations! You have learned the down-to-Earth stuff about gravity. Stay with us. In the next section of Sci-ber Text things are really heating up!

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