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You're Full of Hot Air!

Gravity is a force. It pulls things to the Earth. The moon, sun and planets all have their own gravity, pulling objects to them – but we live on Earth. We see the effect of Earth’s gravity each day.

Try It!

  1. Blow-up a regular balloon.
  2. Hold it out and drop it.
  3. Gravity pulls the balloon to the Earth. You let go, so your hand didn’t stop the force of gravity on the balloon.
  4. Pick the balloon back up.
  5. Tilt your head back and blow the balloon up into the air.
  6. The push of your breath has overcome the force of gravity. If you stop blowing, the balloon is pulled back to Earth.
Gravity is with us everyday, pulling things to Earth. To get things moving we have to apply a force that is strong enough to overcome the force of gravity.
This pencil sits at rest, held to the table by gravity.
Blowing the pencil overcomes gravity. It moves.
Pushing the pencil overcomes gravity. It moves.

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