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Do you ever feel like pushing somebody? Let's try a little activity where you actually get to push somebody, but in return they are going to push on you as well. Sit on the ground or floor back to back with your legs extended in front of you. Interlock your arms with the person behind you. Now push the ground with your feet like you are back in a corner, and try to get up. Your friend will do the same to you. You will be pushing each another other off of the ground without using your arms. You must both be pushing at the same time in order for this to work. How fast can you get up? Try doing this activity slowly. Which was easier, when you tried to get up fast or slow? Why do you think the outcome was this way?

How strong are you? Can you pull another person hard enough to get them off balance? I think you know what to do. Get a rope! You are going to play TUG OF WAR! Try playing with just one other person, and then find a few others to play with you. See who has more pull. Do you think a person's height would make a difference in pulling somebody off balance? Play around with the rope. Would a shorter rope have a different outcome than a longer rope?

Now, are you tired of pushing and pulling? Grab a chair. Make sure it's sturdy. You will be using it, but don't sit down yet. We're still working here! We are going to push and pull a little bit more. Put your hands on the back of the chair. Push the chair away from you. Keep it at arms length. Now pull it back towards you. Push the chair with a little more force this time, but let go. Did your chair go very far? Pull the chair back towards you. Which activity is more difficult (pushing or pulling?) See if you can find a friend to do the same activity. Who is more successful in pushing? Are you tired now? You are getting a bit of a workout, so I guess you can pull the chair towards you and now you may sit.


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