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Change, Change, Change

Organisms depend on their environment for survival. Even little changes in an environment can have big effects. We need to understand how important environments are so we can help protect the organisms in them.
In this activity you should predict what might happen to an organism as their environment changes. A prediction is a logical guess about the future. In the next activity you will experiment with actual changes.
Let’s do this one together. What do you think will happen to the fish and plant if the temperature in the bowl dropped from 75F to 40F?
  • The water would be cold, but not frozen.
  • The fish’s body temperature would drop.
  • He wouldn’t move around as much. His breathing would slow down. His gills wouldn't be moving as fast.
  • He wouldn’t be eating or making as much waste.
  • The plant wouldn’t grow as fast. It wouldn’t have as much fish waste to feed on or air to breathe.

What would happen to this bird if the water disappeared from her environment? Her long legs and sharp bill are ideal for wading in shallow water and eating smaller organisms.

What would happen if this polar bear’s environment became much warmer?
Owls like to hunt at night. What would happen if its environment was light most of the time?

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