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Are You Among the Living or the Nonliving?

An environment is a place where things live. An environment is a collection of living and nonliving things. It is a particular temperature, and has certain amounts of water and light.
Look at the fish bowl. It is a mini-environment. The living organisms are the plant and the fish. The nonliving things are the rocks, water, bowl and air. Things work together, or interact, in the environment. The fish breathes air from the water, nibbles on the plant, and creates waste. The plant creates food from light, is anchored by rocks, and gets nutrients from the fish waste!
The important thing to remember is organisms depend on other living and nonliving things to survive!

Click on each word below that is a living thing.



Look closely at the picture to the right. See if you can pick out the living and nonliving things in this picture. Check your answers with the chart below.

Living Nonliving
Rattlesnake Sand
Cactus Rocks
Try it!
Name one living and one nonliving thing in each environment. Highlight the box next to each picture to see the answers.

Living: bird, grass

Nonliving: sign

Living: sheep, plants

Nonliving: rocks, sky

Living: dragonfly, grass

Nonliving: water

Living: seals

Nonliving: water, rock

Living: elk, grass, trees, bushes

Nonliving: rocks, water, dead trees


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